At the moment we have 5 mooses all of them born in a zoo: Lupra (10 years), Larwen (9 years), Leroy (7 years), Lucifer (3 years) och Lancelot (2 year), (Larwens calf). At spring/early summer we are expecting calfs.


At the moment we have 11 goats (Chilla, Gaia, Doris, Cindy,Åsa-Lena,Vanilla, Fläcken, Snöfligan, Oliver, Runar, Owe) at the park. They are very tame and friendly when you are around them. Animal wellbeing means a lot to us and we work to give them the best invirronment in their fenced area. We are participating in a program (Caprin Artrit/Encefalit, CAE). At spring we are looking forward to healthy goat kids.