Guidad Moosesafari 

Drive with a tractor and wagon to
visit the mooses in their natural environment
-a special meeting
- a day that last in your memory

Snack time (Swedish Fika) and play with the goats

Buy a snack, take a brake and enjoy the beautiful view of Söderåsens forest and the rift valley of Skäralid meanwhile you also have a view at the goats and the kids playing area.
Make friends with the goats or play around at the kids playing area. You will find different information boards for both kids and adults to learn more about the animals in the park and at Söderåsen. Welcome to a fantastic day among animals and nature. 


Due to the ongoing COVID-pandemic we are following the latest recommendations from Swedish health authorities.

Hygienic station with warm water, soap and possibility for hand disinfection are available.

Almost all activity are outdoor and there are plenty of space - take care of each other and keep distance.

The Park

Through a personal and closeup meeting with the moose we want to give everybody a joyful experience in the beautiful nature of Söderåsen. An experience like this can be missed in the daily life and therefore we would like to invite you for a day that can last in your memory.

We have a goal for the moose park to participate in knowledge sharing with other mosse parks and Zoo´s


How to get here

From road 13/108 between Röstånga and Skäralid the Serpentinvägen twists upphill through the Söderåsen NationalPark with spectacular wiew over the Skäralid rift valley. After 4 km at the top you arrive to Söderåsens älgpark. Welcome 

Contact us


Lierna 1371

26876 Kågeröd


Om oss

Vi är två familjer, en dansk (Morten, Vivian, Sofia) och en svensk (Jonas,Sara,
Rasmus,Ebba) som följer vår dröm om att bo i naturen och arbeta med djur.